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Megan's Halo Brace Removal (Neck Instability) 12/1/16
http://thehalodiaries2016.blogspot.com/ Removal of my halo brace. It was put on April 5, 2016 and removed December 1, 2016. Removal of the halo & pins wasn't too bad. Only 1 out of 4 pins...
Halo Brace Questions
Got into a car crash and now I'm in this halo brace for three months. I tried to edit it but Adobe Premier kept crashing so I decided to say "Fuck It" and answer the questions my homies had...
Removing my halo brace finally!!!
After 12 long gruelling weeks I finally get to take my halo off, only to be told I need to put a new brace on, however this one give me a bit for autonomy (jto Miami collar) one month in that...
Cooking breakfast.
Double hip spica plaster cast with HALO brace
Application of double hip spica plaster cast with HALO brace.
Halo Be Gone
July 10th, I got ejected out of my car after a friend lost control. I broke my C1 vertebrae and was in the halo for 3 months. For all of you that will go through this - don't let my blubbering...
The cranial halo
Tommy's Story
Tommy's Story.
Retiro de halo de yvis