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Megan's Halo Brace Removal (Neck Instability) 12/1/16
http://thehalodiaries2016.blogspot.com/ Removal of my halo brace. It was put on April 5, 2016 and removed December 1, 2016. Removal of the halo & pins ...
Halo Brace Questions
Got into a car crash and now I'm in this halo brace for three months. I tried to edit it but Adobe Premier kept crashing so I decided to say "Fuck It" and answer the ...
Removing my halo brace finally!!!
After 12 long gruelling weeks I finally get to take my halo off, only to be told I need to put a new brace on, however this one give me a bit for autonomy (jto Miami ...
Double hip spica plaster cast with HALO brace
Double hip spica plaster cast with HALO brace.
A Year After the Halo Brace
After six weeks in a halo brace, I was told there would be a lot of time to adjust. A year later, I'm almost back to 100%. Some things are different now but not my ...
Halo Be Gone
July 10th, I got ejected out of my car after a friend lost control. I broke my C1 vertebrae and was in the halo for 3 months. For all of you that will go through this ...
The cranial halo
Cooking breakfast.
5 Things you can (not) do with a halo
Here's 5 things you can (not) do with a halo orthosis on... Music courtesy of www.bensound.com.