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Here's Why Katrina Kaif Will Not Perform With Salman Khan In London! Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, credited as Salman Khan, is an Indian film actor, producer, television personality, singer and philanthropist. Katrina Kaif is a British film actress and model known for her work in Indian films. She has appeared primarily in Hindi films, as well as Telugu and Malayalam films. Filmy news is the YouTube channel specially created for incorporating all new film news from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood. We include all latest film news, movie updates, movie reviews, articles, film gossips and all important movie news related to Indian movie industry including film news in Malayalam, film news in Hindi, @ICOS# film news in Tamil and so on. @filminews# Filmy news brings you the deepest behind the scenes, latest film news and gossips, film updates, breaking news film and new film news 2017 to satisfy even the most seasoned movie enthusiast. It is a film review channel which shares all movie updates, videos, songs, gossips, and everything you are willing to watch especially targeting film lovers. @filminews# Fun, engaging and extremely likable movie reviews today and the the latest cinema releases news will be available to you with the perfect mix of @ICOS# warm humor, intelligent commentary and film geek knowledge. @filminews# Filmy news offers inspired analysis on the film techniques and film creative devices used to induce specific effects on the viewer and this channel will give you a whole new film appreciation for the your favorite film moments. @filminews# Filmy news sometimes be the best movie critics and always provides an unbiased movie review in an entertaining video and that covers not only new @ICOS# movie releases but also films from the past. We try to present movie reviews and updates in an entertaining manner to catch viewer attention and movie lovers. @filminews# Some of our movie reviews come in depth at the art of film-making and analyses of elements that are used in the industry and filmy news is truly a unique channel that is great for filmmakers and film lovers that covers almost everything about Indian film field. New movie releases from Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are covered from time to time filmy news provide an in depth and hilarious analysis @ICOS# on some of the worst movies ever made in Indian film industry. @filminews# Filmy news go through an entire in few minutes and an pick apart everything right and wrong with it. We pick and present movie reviews and updates with comedic value and we provide an overall movie review, all updates and gossips associated with a particular film either in any of the languages and make the viewer to get an exact picture @ICOS# without watching the entire film. bollywood news, bollywood entertainment gossips, latest news, latest bollywood news, latest bollywood gossip, latest bollywood masala, bollywood hot, bollywood hot news. @filminews# Our weekly movie updates and rankings attract viewers coming back each and every week and we present movie updates, movie reviews and movie gossips either through film video or audio support with the motive to entertain the viewer. We provide the analysis of movie trailers and movies of things that you must have missed in a truly entertaining and insightful manner. Filmy new YouTube @ICOS# channel is not just entertaining because of the presentation but because of movie highlights and the research and analysis that has obviously been carried out prior to filming a video. @filminews# We assure you to provide news that demand genuinity and interstitially focusing on Indian film industry. Get the latest in breaking news movie news and rumors and film gossips from the experts in cinema field through filmy news. @filminews#

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