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Today I'm playing Hide and Seek in Target with my sister after we go shopping at Target for Fall Outfits. I stop by my friends house to hang out and have fun for a little bit before I go to Target. Remember to play the hashtag game in this video, find all of the hashtags and put them in the comments as you watch! I'll pick a winner to give the shoutout to in the next video! Hope's Heroes Subscribe http://bit.ly/1S0o7G3 Today is an exciting day! Want to win a shoutout in my next YT video? Here’s how: 1. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here http://bit.ly/1S0o7G3 2. Find ALL of the hashtags in this video and leave them in the comments plus #hideandseek in your favorite video telling me WHY you love it! 3. I'll read everyone's messages and choose my favorite comments & give you a shoutout in next week’s video! Remember to watch my last vlog Truth or Dare Sleepover with my BFF Annie Rose, we are going to be filming some videos for our collaboration channel JazzyGirlStuff here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtJdhtyG-PHKaAlnLO3p99g and then having a fun sleepover. I asked all of you on my instagram @hopemnixon for some truth or dares and Annie and I do a few truths and a few dares. Allie comes over to hangout the next day and we play the try not to look away challenge and do a little karaoke. Maybe you can get some ideas of fun things to do with your friends too!

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