hook and ladder

Boise State 2007 Fiesta Bowl Hook and Ladder
At the end 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Boise State was facing fourth down with 18 yards needed for a first down and only 18 seconds left on the clock. Zabransky passed for 15 yards to Drisan...
Amazing DOUBLE Hook and Ladder for Winning Touch Down -- HS Football Playoffs
The Olympus HS Offense Executes an Amazing DOUBLE Hook and Ladder for the Winning Touch Down in their High School Play Off Game.
High School Teammates Execute Hook-and-Ladder to Perfection
Ah, the ol' hook-and-ladder. Two teammates at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, executed the play to perfection, with receiver RJ Bacon making the toss to Tyjuan Fulton,...
Who wants to learn how to do the Hook and Ladder??? Well, today I will be showing all of you how to pull of this amazing trick play!!! Amazing Challenge Video: https://youtu.be/APmSCEJku-Q...
Cornelius Hook and Ladder 44 responding
Just going to Fire alarm.
The Little Rascals D03 @ 08 Hook And Ladder 1932
Utah 2005 Fiesta Bowl Hook and Ladder
The Utah Utes run the Hook and Ladder vs. the Pittsburgh Panthers in the 2005 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl in the first ever BCS game featuring a team from a non-BCS conference. Utah won the game...
6' Steel Hook for Forcible Entry - Irons and Ladders
This video reviews the extremely versatile and valuable 6' steel NY Roof Hook. This simple technique can make the difference in a large number of forcible entry situations. This is one of the...
How to Hook and Ladder
Watch more Football Fun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/217146-How-to-Hook-and-Ladder The hook and ladder is a highly risk trick play, but when it works, it elevates misdirection to...
Saving The Allison
Jason Lloyd struggles to save an abandoned firehouse in Harrisburg PA.