hot problems

Hot Problems (official single) - Double Take lol
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Hot Problems (Official Single) PARODY - Double Take
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Hot Problems (Dave Days Remix)
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Is 'Hot Problems' by Double Take the New 'Friday' by Rebecca Black?: 'GMA' Interview
A music video on YouTube is being compared to Rebecca Black's song.
Double Take - "Hot Problems" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Buy the official single by Double Take "Hot Problems" on iTunes now! Sing along!: Look at me and tell me the truth What...
Hot Problems - feat. Mitt Romney!
Romneys, we have problems, too! Watch the original Hot Problems: Watch behind the scenes: Check out our second Channel!...
Hot Problems - Double Take (Lyrics)
Lyrics of Double Take - Hot Problems Official video: Some lyrics are wrong, but don't bother about that. I only wrote the lyrics as what I heard...
Angry Grandpa HATES Hot Problems by Double Take
Grandpa has anger problems, after watching Hot Problems by double take.
✰ƁƝꜦƧ✰ - Hot Problems!
Hello! Here is another MEP! bUUUT THIS's with BNHA's boys! 8) It took a long time but it was worth it because it looks really amazing! Shout out to everyone who helped me with backups!...