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Here's a rundown on what skills you will need in order to figure out how to become a successful fashion designer. A successful career takes time and work! I guaranteed these 11 tips will help you learn how to become a fashion designer and get your career off to the right start! No, I don't mean being a basic t-shirt designer I mean Starting a fashion design career. Starting a fashion design career takes a lot of hard work and persistence! Fashion designers have to know how to create designs for clothing, accessories and bring their designs to life! Sewing and having a team to help them make their vision a reality! Of course you as a designer will have your own aesthetic and learn more as a fashion designer as trends evolve! However, the key on how to become a successful fashion designer is going to involve more than just sketching a design your going to have to learn how to do it your way, learn how to sew, figure out how to get a team together, stay loyal to your brand, apply for a fashion internship, have a vision, know your profits and your losses, take advice, learn how to build relationships with people, stay focus & be creative!! Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to becoming a fashion designer!! So, what are you waiting for?? Let's get into the video!! I hope it helps you and if does comment below letting me know that it did!! Comment, Rate & SUBSCRIBE!! Comment below if you have ever bought an imitation of a branded piece of clothing and if so what was it, what brand and why? TAKARA ONEÁ MERCH: If any of you are a designers I strongly encourage you to invest in a dress form as well for sewing! USE CODE: "TEEKS" FOR FREE SHIPPING ON MANNEQUINS ONLY! Mannequin Madness: This is the Dress form that I use! Female Full Body Sewing Dress Form By Roxy (Mine is a Size 6) You can buy my mannequin here: Happy Designing xo ▷ PREVIOUS VIDEOS How I Style The Knit Crop Top & Midi Skirt Full Face Makeup & Hair | Immaculate Mannequin DIY HOW TO MAKE A SKIN TIGHT KNIT CROP TOP AND MIDI SKIRT! KIM KARDASHIAN INSPIRED SEWING SERIES ▷ SUBSCRIBE: Become apart of the Fam! #SeeYouAtTheTop Please LIKE my Facebook Page! Twitter: @takaraonea Instagram: @takaraonea Snapchat : takaraonea

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