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Joe Rogan talks to Amy Alkon about Cam Newton's controversial comments to a female reporter on the Joe Rogan podcast. Full podcast - Joe Rogan and Amy Alkon discuss the recent controversy from Cam Newton's comments to a female reporter. Both Rogan and Alkon agree that Newton shouldn't have said those things, but at the same time the reaction to it is blown out of proportion. Joe Rogan says we live in a time where everybody wants to be offended and outraged by everything and anything, and Amy Alkon says that she finds it funny that people expect NFL quarterbacks like Cam Newtonto behave like saints. Joe Rogan talks about Cam Newton controversy involving female reporter, NFL, political correctness, outrage culture, social justice warriors and other topics related to the Cam Newton controversy on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1020. Joe Rogan on the Cam Newton Controversy -

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