jungle love

Hindi Romantic Movie Jungle Love A Tarzan Movie (1986) Bollywood Romantic Movie . Starring : Rocky, Kirti Singh, Goga Kapoor, Mahesh Anand, Gajendra Chouhan, Aruna Irani. Producer: Rajkumar Ludhani, Director: V.Menon Synopsis: A male baby is born in a palace, with a distinctive dark mark near his right nipple. But he was born in an Amazonian state so, the Queen takes him from his mother, and dispatches the baby on a raft down the river rapids, as is the local custom - expecting him to die or be saved by the gods. A curious chimpanzee saves the baby from the river, a lioness with milk to spare raises him as her own. A baby elephant teaches him how to walk on his fours, and later how to fight with a tree branch, a lion protects him from third party attacks. The baby grows into a teenager, than a handsome man with a large mane of black hair. A man wants to get the Amazons gold treasure, and his search for it will break the jungle man's quiet, but also put him in contact with beautiful girls, and ultimately with his mother.

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