junk science

Junk Science
Contributing to the rise of misinformation, junk science is defined as untested or unproven when presented as scientific fact. It could be the result of a poorly designed study published in...
Junk Science "Really, Man" Music Video
"Really, Man" Junk Science A Miraculous Kind of Machine http://www.modernshark.com/ Music Video Credits: Written, Produced, Directed, & Edited By John Ta My Gear for this video and where...
Leftist SCIENCE is JUNK science
A grand tour of the scientific lunacy of the political Left. Learn more at HealthRangerScience.com.
Junk Science - Do It Easy
Junk Science - Do It Easy Enjoy.
Junk Science - House Wigger
Junk Science - House Wigger Enjoy!
Junk Science Episode 5: Vaccines
The suggestion that vaccines cause autism is legendary junk science, but it's not just anti-vaxxers that ignore science. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vocativvid...
Junk Science - Fire Drill (Official Video)
After being featured in Complex Magazine, Wired Magazine, MySpace, MP3.com and more, Junk Science are amping up for their next album A Miraculous New Kind of Machine. Check out Fire Drill,...
Junk Science – Supplements
Herbal supplements and diet pills don't have to be proven safe or effective to be sold on the market, which makes them the very definition of Junk Science. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subs...
Junk Science Episode 12: Aspartame Is NOT A Sweet Poison
Aspartame has a bad rap, with a long list of supposed side effects, but the science is clear: few food additives have been more closely studied and proven to be safe.
Junk Science Episode 8 - Sh*t Scientists Say
Fetish. Moral Molecule. Chemical imbalance. Scientific “Proof”. These are just a few of the terms that scientists and their admirers employ without knowing what they really mean. Subscribe!...