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I purchased the KPT-850 Dash Cam from JB Hi-Fi today after doing heaps of research. They had it on sale from $249AUD reduced to $160AUD. Ticked all my boxes. 1080p Full HD, Wi-Fi, GPS and if I want a rear vision camera I can just buy another one and install it and have 1080p facing the rear (which I am planning on doing). I am very happy with it, the quality is superb, the ease of use via your phone using the Kapture app (iPhone/Android - I use iPhone) is brilliant. No screens annoying you in your face, it is discreet and out of the way as I have mounted it behind my rear vision mirror. It has quick and easy download from the unit to phone via wifi so you don't need to remove the card from the unit. The microphone sound isn't the best with music that has bass in it. The reflections in the windscreen are the top of my dash being picked up in the glass. A dash mat will take care of that. I'll post another video in a couple of months after I've used it for a while. Note that quality is lost when converting for YouTube. Best viewed in 1080p.

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