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Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki off screen masti | HollyBolly Fun ll After an incident where Tanushree saves Rishi, a female sadhu prophesises that they are a perfect match for each other. However, various ordeals take a toll on their relationship. Cast Sharad Malhotra as Rishi Raj Singh Bedi - He is a carefree man, who is plunged into depression after his wife Tanu's death, but is saved because of his marriage with Tanuja and realization of love for her. Kratika Sengar as Tanu /Tanuja Rishi Singh Bedi - She was a simple girl and Rishi's wife, but dies saving Rishi. Now, Tanuja gets the face of Tanu after a plastic surgery. The character of Tanu was initially killed off and replaced by Shivani Tomar as a reincarnated version of Tanu. However, after a drop in viewership and fans demand, Tomar's version of the character underwent plastic surgery in the storyline, and producers brought Sengar back into the role of Tanu.[3] Shivani Tomar as Tanuja - Tomar portrayed the role of Tanuja for approximately one month before Sengar returned to the series. Poor audience response due to a perceived lack of chemistry between Tomar and Malhotra was cited as a reason for her dismissal.[4] Pranav Mishra as Nakul Yuvraaj Singh Bedi - He is Yuvraaj-Divya's son, and a boxer. Smriti Khanna as Malaika Malhotra - She comes from America to marry Rishi, but her original plan is to destroy Rishi's life and marry her boyfriend Shekhar. Zuber K. Khan as Manpreet Raj Singh Bedi - He is Rishi's brother and Ahaana's husband, who is a happy-go-lucky type person.he is a father to smiley and chintu. Aditi Sharma as Ahaana Manpreet Singh Bedi - She is a brave girl and sister of Tanu. Manpreet is her husband.she is mother to smiley & chintu. Farhad Khan/Chandni Kaur-Smiley Manpreet Singh Bedi (Daughter of Manpreet and ahana) Sweet and nice girl who is pregnant with a boy who is on run. Devarsh Nirmal as Chintu Manpreet Singh Bedi - He is Ahana and Manpreet's son Lalit Bisht as Yuvraj Raj Singh Bedi - He is Rishi's adopted brother,husband to divya and a father to nakul. Vijay Kashyap as Raj Singh Bedi - He is a loving father of Rishi, Manpreet and Yuvraaj. Vibha Chibber as Rano Raj Bedi - She is a loving mother, but sometimes stubborn. Saba Mirza as Biji - She is Rishi's grandmother Chetna Kaintura as Divya Yuvraj Singh Bedi - She is Yuvraaj's wife and mother to nikhil. Roma Bali as Bani Kuljeet Khurrana - She is a wicked lady, always behind money. Chandan Kakrosh as Kuljeet Khurrana - He is Bani's husband Suman Jain as Swati Kuljeet Khurrana - She is Neha's sister Renee Dhyani as Neha Sandeep Sikand - She is also wicked like her mother, Bani. Sharhaan Singh as Sandeep Sikand/ Sandy - He is Neha's husband. Hema Sood as Nidhi Sandeep Sikand - She is Sandy and Neha's daughter Shreya Gupta as Vidhi Sandeep Sikand - She is Sandy and Neha's daughter Malhar Pandya as Pawan Malhotra - He is Tanu's ex-fiance. Sehrish Ali as Saloni Pawan Malhotra - She is Pawan's wife Parveen Kaur as Savitri Malhotra - She is Pawan's mother Manorama Bhattishyam as Katyayni - She is Rishi and Tanu's love astrologer Veeru Khurrana as Veerendra Khurrana - He is Tanu's father Jyoti Gauba as Sharda Veerendra Khurrana - She is Tanu's mother Rohit Sharma (actor) as Shikhar - He is Malaika's boyfriend Rishana Sami as Mamta - She is Neha and Swati's friend Praveen Kaur as Savitri -She is Pawan's Mother Rohit Khurana as Dr. Manav Garewal

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