Michael Jackson Medley - Brett Domino - AX Synth Keytar
As some of you may have heard, a month ago today, the undisputed King of Modern Popular Music sadly passed away. This is my tribute to him. Its a massive medley of all his best songs, featuring...
Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar Controller Keyboard - Alesis Vortex
Order Your Alesis Vortex Keytar Controller Now at AMS! With wireless connection to popular virtual instruments, plugins, and DAWs on your Computer,...
Maarty Broekman woos Alesha with his Keytar | Week 6 Auditions | Britain's Got Talent 2013
Singer Maarty is bringing the '80s back Maarty Broekman attempts to woo Alesha with his keytar. Watch the Judges reaction and plenty more BGT awesomeness here:
Best Keytar Player Ever!
1980s Keytar Medley
Pianist and Comedian Kathryn Lounsbery arranged the most epic keytar medley of all time! Performed live at the El Portal Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
NAMM 2014: Korg\'s New Keytar
NAMM 2014: Korg\'s New Keytar Korg reimagines their RK-100S Synth/Controller Watch Sonicstate's Exclusive Series: Sonic LAB: Meet The Makers:
Keytar Lesson with LIGHTS - AOL (2009)
I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. ORIGINAL: This is another old video I found that I've never seen before... even though I don't need...
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine(keytar solo)
A quick keytar cover of the awesome Slash solo..i've tried to get as close as possible to the original version... keytar: Alesis Vortex.
Keytar Shredding - Keytar Solo Time!
Subscribe to stay updated! And like my Facebook page! Just a cool little solo for this solo competition on Soundcloud....
Canon Rock Keytar - Joe Atlan
A shredding keyboard variation of JerryC's Canon Rock, originally composed by Johann Pachelbel. Shot in the forests and lakes of Navarre, Spain, this video is the result of weeks of hard work,...