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Kritika Online NA is now in Open beta. Here’s all of the important details on the Western version of Kritika Online like the new fatigue system, KRED, P2W elements, IP blocks, and more. 🌋Read more about Kritika: 📛 Discover the latest MMORPG news, reviews, releases and giveaways → 🎮 Subscribe for more → 💫 Discord → ✧ REFERENCES ✧ Kritika Overview: Economy, EMP Store, Trading: FAQ: Economy Feedback: Kritika community discord: ✧ EXTRA NOTES ✧ • I'm thoroughly enjoying the game now that the difficulty of danger zones have been increased. Insane mode takes a lot of concentration and time, but it's fun. • So just read that the reason or IP block is because a lot of fraudulent activities are from regions under embargo as well as adhering to US laws (En Masse Entertainment is a U.S. based company). • I feel I am advancing much slower than in SEA, but definitely a better experience with good ping. • I'm pleased with En Masse Entertainment's transparency and activeness to get feedback from players. I'll be paying close attention to how they take our feedback and use them to improve the gameplay through the beta stages. • I'm quite against the disabling of trading. It's a nuisance to me since I play with my girlfriend. Not being able to trade or use the auction house to the full extent is a hassle. • I have not played PvP in THIS version yet, but I am excited to test it when I get to a higher level. Definitely will be playing for a long time. ✧ LINKS ✧ ⊹ Patreon: ⊹ Website: ⊹ Facebook: ⊹ MMOsite blog: ✧ MMOPULSE ✧ ⊹ MMOPulse YouTube: ⊹ MMOPulse Twitter: ⊹ MMOPulse Facebook: ✧ BETA & RELEASE DATES ✧ English Closed Beta 1: May 24 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, and runs through June 13 at 7:00 p.m. PDT. English Closed Beta 2: TBA Full Release Date: TBA EU servers will be available in OPEN BETA. ✧ CREDITS ✧ Steparu - Yi Jay - Itz JemI - Music: Buddha by Kontekst Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library Nocht character drawn by Madichams. 📌 Big thanks to my patrons for helping me dedicate more time on my videos and do what I enjoy. You can support me and my coverage of MMORPGs here → If you would like to submit MMORPG screenshots to be featured at the end of my videos, send them to me in "screenshot-submissions" channel on my discord! ⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹ Game: Kritika Online Publisher: En Masse Entertainment Game info: Featuring a unique cel-shaded art style, over-the-top animations, and a fast-paced combo system, Kritika Online provides MMORPG fans with a unique pick-up-and-play experience, with intense episodic gaming sessions, punctuated by high-flying action in a unique gaming universe. Players can choose from four different character classes, and upgrade attacks and spells to generate the biggest, baddest, most butt-kickingest player character possible. ✧ ALL CLASSES in NA/EU CBT ✧ WARRIOR A dominant melee fighter who boasts of exceptional physical prowess, the Warrior evolves into a Berserker, Fire Lord or Doom Blade. ROGUE A nimble fighter capable of attacking in quick succession, the Rogue sharpens her skills to become a Catspaw, Assassin or Wolf Guardian. GUNMAGE A specialized fighter that uses the combination of guns and magic, he eliminates anyone who stands in his path. The Mage can become a Shadow Mage, Warp Mage or Frost Mage. SCYTHER A melee fighter who cuts down her foes with her giant scythe. The Scyther's true potential is revealed once she advances to become a Valkyrie or Vamp. More classes will be added in the future (Noblia, Eclair, Monk).

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