lego trailer 2017 recreation

I hope you like the video! Please give it a thumbs up, subscribe and share it ! THANK YOU! *IT: *Great Lego Set: My equipment: *Camera: *Sony Vegas Pro 13: Twitter: Instagram: * I'm sorry, for not uploading videos for 8 months, I did a lot for my second channel and this video took me a while as well... From now on I'll try to be more active on this channel! Original Trailer: I don't own the movie scenes or the music. I hope it's okay I used them. If there are any problems, please don't ban the video, you can contact me with this email address: * links marked with a * are affiliate links from amazon. You don't have to pay something extra, if you use them, it's only a way of suporting me! #it #trailer #lego #recreation #pennywise

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