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~ Lyrics ~ You're three sides of my eight sided circle, Two lovers, juxtapose with doorways Broken window frames color her eyes In with black lines Let it all run down, let it all run down CHORUS It's one way to opt for a horizon Cause in my opinion It's one way to say we're abandoned And we don't belong here at all There's no explanation or forewarning Underneath all the crimson linings We approach the streets with a clear conscience We'll survive, let it all fall down, let it all fall down CHORUS And romance just is... Slow it all down, the damage is done Play the music loud, don't make a sound Let's raise a toast, to a sad story In a dirty cup, in a dirty cup You made it, you made it hurt so bad You made it hurt so bad With a little poison we can burn this whole place down To the ground again LIGHTS. ACOUSTIC is out now! The EP is available digitally on iTunes US, iTunes UK, and iTunes Canada. Physical copies (hard copies) of the EP are available in stores in Canada, on tour, and in the Store. The store also has exciting merchandise bundles whether you have the EP or not. LIGHTS. Acoustic track list: 1. River 2. February Air 3. Fall Back Down 4. Saviour 5. Romance Is... Source:

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