Francis Lightsy Provides Best Practices Around Family Engagement
From phone calls home to speaking in a family's home language, Francis Lightsy, Principal, Grimes Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, NY shares her best practices around family and community engagement.
Jeff Lightsy Jr: Bobby Petrino Return to Louisville
Jeff Lightsy Jr on why Bobby Petrino's return to the University of Louisville football program is great for not only him but for college football.
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Jeff Lightsy Jr: Johnny Manziel declares for the NFL draft
Jeff Lightsy Jr explains why Johnny's decision to go pro was a great decision. Also I explain why Johnny Football will take the NFL by storm.
Jeff Lightsy Jr: Super Bowl XLVIII was one of the worse in history
This year's Super Bowl was one of the worse in history, this is also something Peyton Manning will never be able to recover from.
Jeff Lightsy Jr:Tom Brady the most overrated QB of all time
These are my thoughts and opinion on why Tom Brady is the most overrated Quarterback in NFL history.
Owl Vision - Lightshy
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Jeff Lightsy Jr: Kevin Durant is 2014 midseason MVP
Kevin Durant has simply been on a historic tear. This man right now is unstoppable. He is the clear cut MVP right now in the NBA over rival Lebron James.
My JRF First: Spencer Lightsy '97