Subway scene from ep. 4 season 4 of LOUIE on FX Mondays at 10
HI. This is the whole Subway sequence from "Elevator 1' Two new episodes of LOUIE will be showing every MONDAY at 10 and 10:30.
Reading My "Supporter's" Negative Comments | Louie's Life
Instead of filming a Reading Hate Comments video, I decided to read hate comments coming from people who support me. Well at least I thought they did until I actually read them lol. I told...
Louie CK Trying To Buy A House
Louie CK Buying A House.
Louis CK; First scene for episode 4 of LOUIE on FX Tuesdays 11pm "SO Old"
http://www.louisck.com This is the scene that has never and will never happen to me in real life. Watch LOUIE on FX tuesdays at 11pm.
Louie – Misery Is Wasted On The Miserable
Louie S04E10 (Pamela Part 1) – Misery Is Wasted On The Miserable I really like this scene, so I uploaded it for the rest of the world. Thank you Louis C.K., Charles Grodin and everyone for...
Depois que postei o vídeo sobre Stranger Things, recebi comentários sobre shippar (ou não shippar) Millie e Finn. Lembrei de um tweet que escrevi sobre o assunto no começo do ano e decidi...
Doing My Mom's MakeUp! | Louie's Life
You guys have highly requested me to bring my parents into one of my videos, so I begged my mom to be in this video with me and by a miracle, she said yes. In this video I do her makeup so...
Louie - Art Gallery Scene
One of my favourite scenes from season 4 of Louie featuring Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon.
Louis CK Poker scene from episode 2 of LOUIE on FX every TUESDAY at 11pm
http://www.louisck.net please watch LOUIE on FX every tuesday at 11pm.
Last scene from ep 3 season 4 of LOUIE on FX "So did the Fat Lady" Louis CK
The great Sarah Baker delivers this last scene from episode 3 of LOUIE. LOUIE will be on FX with TWO episodes every MONDAY starting at 10pm. Next week: Elevator 2 and 3.