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0:00 Tesla Boy - Dream Machine (Silent Gloves Remix) 4:43 Saffari - 1984 8:04 Michael Oakley - Rabbit in the Headlights 12:20 Danger Mode - Get Down Tonight 15:22 Dana Jean Phoenix - Le Mirage 21:17 Futurecop! - Venice Beach feat. Cavaliers of Fun 26:51 Biodrive - Midnight Affair 31:31 Room8 - Visions of You feat. Electric Youth (Miami Nights 1984 Remix) 36:04 Timecop1983 - Let's Talk feat. Josh Dally 40:26 Beautiful Machines - Real Love 44:58 Explorers - Eighty Eight 49:16 College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero 53:44 Electric Youth - Comes and Goes 56:16 Mitch Murder Feat. Kristine - Feel The Air 1:01:20 Sally Shapiro - All My Life (Mitch Murder Remix) 1:07:12 Priest - The Game 1:11:35 Robert Parker - City Lights 1:16:22 Thunderclaw - Rush Check out my Channel for more Awesome music!!! Dark Season 1 - A Netflix Original Soundtrack ► 80's Songs + Noir Music Blade Runner 2049 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer Blade Runner 2049 - Best of Synthwave, Cyberpunk Mix Winter Nights ► Synthwave, Retro Electro Chill out Mix Stranger Things Season 2 Best Songs ► Back To The 80's Mix Lonely Winter ► Relaxing Music Mix Synthwave, Retro Electro City Lights ► Best Synthwave, New Retrowave Chill Mix Vangelis - Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Darksynth Ultimate Cyberpunk Edition Vol:1 - Aggressive Synthwave, Futuresynth, Retro Electro Mix Darksynth Ultimate Cyberpunk Edition Vol:2 - Aggressive Synthwave, Futuresynth, Retro Electro Mix Sense8 Season 1 Complete Soundtrack Sense8 season 2 complete soundtrack *************************************** All rights belongs to respective owners. If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please send me a message, this includes artists of the image and the graphics used as well.

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