Maarty Broekman woos Alesha with his Keytar | Week 6 Auditions | Britain's Got Talent 2013
Singer Maarty is bringing the '80s back Maarty Broekman attempts to woo Alesha with his keytar. Watch the Judges reaction and plenty more BGT ...
Maarty Broekman - Step Back In Time (BGT 2013 Semi-Final 5)
The Scientist by Maarty ᴴᴰ
Coldplay The Scientist Piano and voice cover by Maarty.
Maarty Broekman is a born 80's entertainer | Semi-Final 5 | Britain's Got Talent 2013
Great Scott! If you thought you'd seen it all, then Maarty Broekman has a surprise for you. If our calculations are correct, when Maarty hits 88 miles per hour, Step ...
Maarty Broekman: Back Door Lover [Official Music Video]
I'm Maarty Broekman, from Bloemendaal, Amsterdam. I'm a Euro-pop musician looking for label to sign me. I am in love of 80's Euro Disco, the instruments, the ...
Learn to be an 80's star with Maarty Broekman | Masterclass with Felix | Britain's Got Talent 2013
Have you got love for the 80s? Maarty Broekman certainly has. Learn how to rock the hairband, perfect the 80s perm and play the keytar and you to could ...
Maarty Broekman's brand new track for BGT | Britain's Got Talent 2014
See more from Britain's Got Talent at Remember last year's flamboyant semi-finalist, '80s obsessed, king of the keytar Maarty Broekman?
The Maarty Broekman Show - episode 1 #touchmyjoy
Talking Duck Films is hired to document the workings of a London based research centre for sound: Amplitude. As our media team is shown around the research ...
The Maarty Broekman Show. Episode 2: The Nurse
Welcome to episode 2 of the Maarty Broekman Show! Date #2 with a nurse called Emma. Could this be Maarty's true love? - Director / D.O.P: Chris Black...
Britain's Got Talent 2013: Maarty Broekman interview
We chat to Britain's Got Talent 2013 singer Maarty Broekman.