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Made In Maharashtra | Arun Nalawade, Priya Gamre, Bhau Kadam | Marathi Full Movie A nation is established on the foundation of its citizens, social values, ethics, and education and with that it always bangs on its youth power. The stronger and educated the younger generation is the stronger is the prospects of a nations growth and prosperity. But what if the younger generation forgets its discipline, ethics and social values and gets derailed? What should be the social response to this and what should be the role of our government and law enforcing agencies? The film puts a clear light on how two boys with good education but the influence of filthy rich parents, a lack of social understanding and poor upbringing get exposed to a world which they think is fun but to the society and the law of the country is a serious crime. They get caught red handed by the police. For more marathi movies, Subscribe to our channel and Enjoy movies

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