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Manisha Koirala and her 11 love affairs that made headlines! After a long hiatus, Manisha Koirala is back on the silver screen with director Sunaina Bhatnagar’s next ‘Dear Maya’. The actress will soon be seen in Sanjay Dutt’s untitled biopic where she will be seen playing the role of Nargis Dutt. Manisha’s filmy career witnessed many successful moments, but unfortunately, her personal life suffered many hard-hitting low points. Apart from her grueling battle with cancer, she has suffered many heart breaks. Her marriage could not last for long, while her love affairs too, died a tragic death. All of these stories made it to the headlines. 1.Vivek Mushran Manisha Koirala made her Bollywood debut with Subhash Ghai’s ‘Saudagar’ in 1991 opposite Vivek Mushran. She instantly fell in love with the actor and the two started dating. But this love story didn’t last for long and they parted ways soon. 2. Nana Patekar Manisha Koirala’s most talked about affair was with a 20-year-older and married, Nana Patekar. Unlike other actors, Manisha and Nana never hid their relationship behind closed doors. They were quite vocal about it. Manisha, who was just out of a relationship with actor Vivek Mushran, met Nana on the sets of ‘Agnisakshi’. Manisha couldn’t help falling for Nana’s brooding charm and they started secretly dating during the making of the movie. Nana Patekar was a married man then and Manisha expected him to divorce his wife. Unfortunately, that never happened and Manisha was left dejected and heart broken. 3. DJ Whosane After her break-up with Nana, Manisha was emotionally hurt and during this time she met Whosane. She had confessed that he had helped her fight her emotional battles. They were even living together but the moment Whosane talked about marriage Manisha chickened. 4. Cecil Anthony In 2003, Manisha went to London to study film-making and that is where she met Cecil, a London based Nigerian businessman. The couple started a long-distance relationship with Manisha making frequent trips to London. But later, reports have it that she had a fling with someone and hence, they broke up. Manisha Koirala and her 11 love affairs that made headlines! Prachi May 5, 2017 Actress, In Life, Manisha Koirala, News Leave a comment 5. Aryan Vaid Manisha Koirala made it to the headlines when she fell in love with a new comer Aryan Vaid, an actor of C-grade films. Apparently, Manisha did another C-grade film called ‘Chahat Ek Nasha’ to be close to Aryan. But then, Aryan apparently tried to gain attention by making his relationship with the actress public and this didn’t go down well with Manisha. 6. Prashant Chaudhari Manisha and restaurateur Prashant Chaudhari had a whirlwind affair and it seemed that Manisha had found a soul mate in the younger Prashant but apparently Prashant’s family wasn’t too keen on the relationship and the couple broke-off. 7. Akshay Manisha dated an Australian of Indian origin, Akshay, for about a year. She was seen at all the parties and society events with him. A struggler, Akshay and Manisha split because Manisha wanted to marry him while Akshay didn’t. 8. Crispin Conroy The Nepali beauty dated Australian Ambassador Crispin Conroy for a long time. Crispin was reportedly madly in love with Manisha and the couple even got engaged in 2000 but a year later Manisha broke the engagement saying that she wasn’t prepared for marriage. 9. Sandeep Chowta In 2007, Manisha Koirala made it to the headlines because of her relationship with singer Sandeep Chowta. Manisha, who broke up with her Australian boyfriend Akshay, has apparently been seeing Chowta. Sandeep had, in the past, dated actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Urvashi Dholakia, and Manisha was also added to the list in some time. 10. Christopher Dorris After her tryst with Sandeep, Manisha happened to meet Christopher Dorris an American sports counsellor, author and entrepreneur in the year 2007. In 2009 Christopher proposed marriage to Manisha, and she (unsurprisingly!) said ‘yes.’ The actress was so smitten that she even made an announcement on Facebook of her soon to be wedding with Christopher. Nearly a year passed by and there was no news of Manisha’s so called upcoming wedding with Christopher. This was till she surprised everyone with her announcement of getting married to a certain Nepali called Samrat Dahal. 11. Samrat Dahal On 19 June 2010, Koirala married Samrat Dahal, a Nepali businessman, in a traditional ceremony held in Kathmandu. The couple spent their honeymoon in Finland. They met through the online social networking website, Facebook. The couple divorced in 2012. Source: Bollywood Papa

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