masala vada recipe

Add the masala vada recipe to your list of favorite snacks as this vada is super-tasty. It is common to make this snack, also known as chana dal vada or dal vada, for festivals like vara maha lakshmi vrata, ugadi, dasara and diwali. Many make this food for special events like birthday parties. Discover the masala vada recipe and make and relish this crunchy and crispy vada. A highlight of this chana dal vada recipe is it uses four types of green leaves. These are curry, coriander, dill and pudina leaves. The nutritional value of the masala vada increases because of these ingredients. In addition to the dal and the green leaves, an item that gives this vada a superb taste is rice flour. Use only fresh flour, preferably home-made rice flour to make tastier vadas. What is the secret to crunchy masala vadas? Coarse grind the chana dal, green leaves and other ingredients as detailed in the relevant step. Many of the south indian vegetarian darshinis (small, self-service restaurants), in Karnataka, make these vadas, particularly for lunch. A distinction between the masala vadas made at homes and hotels is the size of the vadas. The restaurants usually make bigger vadas. A rice dish that has a superb fit with the masala vada is chitranna or lemon rice. TIP: Enjoy masala vada or the dal vada with coconut chutney. Although no side dish is necessary to relish this snack, coconut chutney will move the taste of this vada to a higher level. Visit for detailed step-by-step cooking instructions, notes and tips. ----- Step-by-step instructions to make masala vada: ----- ----- Step-by-step instructions to make coconut chutney: ----- ----- Step-by-step instructions to make chitranna or lemon rice: ----- ----- Step-by-step instructions to make rice flour: -----

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