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Got a client with hip pain? Here are some massage techniques and strategies for dealing with the cause, rather than just the symptom. Whether your client is an injured runner or someone with osteoarthritis, this should reduce the severity over the course of regular massage sessions. Start with broad, steam-rolling techniques. We're working with the lateral pelvis, so make sure to let your power come from lunging rather than hunching over. As you get more specific, introduce movement at the hip joint. This can help you get more "release" out of your myofascial release, and it can be useful while working with trigger points. End with some range of motion work, taking the hip into internal and external rotation as you continue working with gluteus medius and minimus. Give some attention to the rotators, including gluteus maximus and tensor fasciae latae. Got any questions? Any techniques that you'd like to share? Hit me up in the comments! Support me on Patreon: My Facebook blog: Twitter: Google+: More stuff:

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