"McClane" - Fin Punch! - Ep. 1 (Cartoon Hangover)
Subscribe: McClane Meet McClane! He's a handsome dolphin who wants to conquer humankind. Talk about an HR nightmare. "Fin...
McCLANE - Personas Cetáceas, Cap. 1 (1x01)
El jefe de la empresa tiene que lidiar con McClane, el empleado más problemático de la oficina. Pero hay un gran detalle, ¡es una persona cetácea! Y hará lo que sea para conquistar a los...
Die Hard: Hans Meets McClane
Bill Clay.
McClane - Mero Fondo (Video Oficial)
Video Oficial de la Canción "Mero Fondo". Filmado y producido por Dennys Defaz y Tomás Villarroel - Ideas Obran. Quito, Ecuador Marzo - 2014 ¡Escucha nuestro EP "Rompiendo Espejos" en...
McClane Orders a Pizza
Spoiler: He doesn't actually order a pizza. I just thought it sounded funny and I'm bad with names. Sorry. I am open to suggestions on changing it, though. This is basically my favorite scene...
Message from McClane (Ho-Ho-Ho) - Die Hard - Full HD
Message from McClane (Ho-Ho-Ho). Die Hard. 1988. Full HD. John McClane (Bruce Willis), Holly Gennaro McClane (Bonnie Bedelia), Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). Bruce Willis. Nakatomi Plaza. The...
Die Hard - Music Video - NEW 4th Verse! - "Die Hard" by Guyz Nite Remember when we first met John McClane? Argyle picked him up from the plane, And took him down to Nakatomi Tower... To meet with Holly. ...
7.62x51 .308 10.5 Pistol @The Range aka"McClane"KAK INDUSTRY - prepperkip
Here is a 100 yard range video using factory ammo with my 10.5 7.62x51 .308 aka "McClane" from KAK INDUSTRY.Also here is a link for TJ KIN you tube channel.
John McClane - Say Anything
John McClane on Say Anything's new album Hebrews I do not own this song.
PHONE FIGHTS : The Joker vs John McCLane
What if the Joker was in Die Hard ? I used a scene from Die Hard with a Vengeance with audio from the Dark Knight to create this unexpected phone conversation.