Launchpad's Moments
Here's a vid for all you Launchpad McQuack fans out there. *Note: All these clip are from the show Darkwing Duck, I own none of this.
Meet Launchpad McQuack! (short)| DuckTales | Disney XD
Find out how our friend Launchpad McQuack manages a little fender bender! Launchpad McQuack is Scrooge's big-hearted, fearless, and clueless pilot and ...
MEET ELMO MCQUACK!! | Minecraft Evolution SMP | #85
Back in minecraft evolution, I would like you to meet a new addition to the spawn. A new creation! Elmo Mcquack! Click the bell to get notifications when i ...
DuckTales: Launchpad McQuack
Meet Launchpad McQuack. He loves flying and will take Scrooge and the nephews anywhere, but the way he flies his plane is questionable. To find out why, ...
DisneyXD's Ducktales: Rebooting Launchpad McQuack
The new DuckTales reboot is making little changes to almost every character. Well, every character except for one -- a doofy, lovable young pilot who was just ...
Uncle Dolan - "Launchpad McQuack"
Uncle Dolan webcomic inspired by sweederlander. Special thanks goes to my friend Overdose who helped ID Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" for use in this ...
Jet McQuack - Il mio ditone
da "Zio Paperone alla ricerca della lampada perduta"
Ducktales - BeckBennett as Launchpad McQuack
DuckTales: The Best of Launchpad DVD Vol. 1
The King of Bad Jokes: Launchpad McQuack! This is a Patreon supported show! Wow Social Media, Wow wow!! Facebook: ...
Launchpad McQuack! Stupid Act!
Episode: The Treasure of the Golden Suns: Cold Duck. Animated Series: DuckTales. The legal owner: Disney Enterprises Inc.).