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πŸš‘ If you would like to support us and engage more with us then please join our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BracedLife A quiet day at the clinic is quickly interrupted by the admission of a new patient. A girl, clearly in a lot of pain, is wheeled into the casting room. It is clear that she has been in a very serious accident and the nurses attempt to calm her down before they begin treatment. Both of her arms, as well as one of her legs, are held firmly in place by splints and her neck is protected by a hard collar brace. Finally, as the patient begins to calm down, the nurses can begin treatment. They start by removing the splint on her leg and replacing it with a leg brace. Afterwards, they remove the splint on one of her arms and replace is with a long arm cast with a thumb spica. Her other arm splint and her neck brace are then removed and a minvera body cast with shoulder spica is applied in an attempt to keep her shoulder, upper arm, and neck immobilized. Once the cast is finished, the nurses place the girl in a hospital bed. Her leg, as well as the arm that isn’t attached to her shoulder spica, are fitted with slings attached to the beds traction frame. Two weeks pass and the girl is still hanging in traction. The only difference is that her cast has been covered in paintings and signatures by her sympathetic nurses and friends. The nurses start the morning by feeding the patient. Afterwards, the nurses help dress the patient and accompany her on her first walk through the hospital since the accident. (Disclaimer: Any injuries in videos are not real. They are all just staged for story purpose)

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