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Twenty years ago this month the world was transfixed by the frantic search for life at the alpine ski resort of Thredbo. A landslide had obliterated two ski lodges, burying 19 people beneath an enormous deluge of mud, concrete and rock. As hours turned into days, and with temperatures plunging well below freezing, the prospect of finding survivors began to fade. That was until the muffled cries of Stuart Diver were heard from beneath the rubble. With incredible courage, Stuart clung to life as an extraordinary rescue effort got underway. And 65 nerve-wracking hours after the landslide, Thredbo’s sole survivor emerged to the cheers of the world. For Stuart Diver the elation was short-lived. Numbed by the loss of his beloved wife Sally and so many close friends and neighbours, he struggled to rebuild his life. Eventually he found new love and looked to start a family. But once again tragedy struck when his second wife, Rosanna, was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her fight for life, but not before giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. In a breathtaking 60 MINUTES interview, Stuart Diver speaks candidly to Tara Brown about Thredbo and his life of love and loss. We meet those who were pivotal to his survival and the daughter who has become his world. Two decades after the disaster, Stuart’s incredible zest for life is an inspiration to us all. Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Stefanie Sgroi

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