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WHY AM I SO INACTIVE oh yeah school is back Sorry x'D [EDIT:] Guys PLEASE stop reuploading this video without credit or permission, it's getting really annoying. As you can probably tell, this is just a mixture of series that Aphmau has done, Sorry that I didn't do Dreams of Estorra =[ Motion by 支店チョ。 Camera by R a C Second motion by Champui Models by KittenTube / TwinHead9572 / Kira-Kira-Sky / KP-ShadowSquirrel / me Aphmau: Aphmau: Zane: Kawaii~Chan: Katelyn: Teony & Zoey: Sasha: Pony: Armoured Garroth and Laurance: Other models like Cadenza, Kim, Gene, and Demon Warlock aren't up for download, sorry BUT THEY'RE CRAPPY now the stages UGHHASBDBWA Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Stage 4: Stage 5: Stage 6: Stage 7: Stage 8: Stage 9: Stage 10: still searching Stage 11: Stage 12: searchingggg Stage 13: Stage 14: Stage 15: Thanks for watching! ♡

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