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WoW Legion: The Initial Review - "The Best Modern WoW Has Been?"
Let's talk about how Legion is doing so far, and how it measures up to recent expansions. ○Twitter - ○I Stream on! -
The Differences Between Vanilla WoW & Modern WoW
So while making my Vanillagaming review I noticed a vast amount of differences between vanilla wow and the more modern interpretations and for funzies I decided to make a video about it and...
Modern WoW's RNG Overuse in Gearing: Creating Apathy & Hurting the Game
Blizzard's modern gear design sucks. Here's why and some suggestions. ○Twitter - ○I Stream on! - WoW News Websites...
Kungen dismantles modern WoW
This actually goes for tons and tons of other games aswell. It's sad. The only way to fix things is to speak up! I seriously don't understand people continuing to mindlessly defend the shell...
Can a ''modern'' WoW player survive Vanilla WoW? Paladin Lvl 1-10 Vanilla gnome warlock lvl 1-5 Vanilla gnome warlock lvl 5-8
Was Vanilla WoW Better Than Modern WoW Is Now? World of WarCraft
This video is very specific to long term fans of WoW. Please feel free to share your thoughts, and also do subscribe if you'd like to see more content!
Is Vanilla Classic WoW The Best Version Of Warcraft? 150 Hours Into Vanilla WoW Server
I log into Vanilla World of Warcraft and share thoughts on some difference versus live - modern WoW. If you want me to delve deeper into this, let me know. Liking and subscribing tells me I...
Vanilla WoW Vs Modern WoW - Ep 27: The Stormwind Harbour Entrance
Paypal Tip Jar: In this video I look at the changes that the creation of the Stormwind Harbor entrance.
Wow Modern Escape Video Walkthrough
Wow modern escape is a another type of point and click new escape game developed by wowescape. .com Today you were to the your friend's house for playing, but your friend was not at the house...
Improved Models for Vanilla WoW
These mods for 1.12 improve the look of the game, making the graphics more modern. You can thank Balsh and Uthil for creating them :) Players - Creatures -