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Molly Nilsson "1995" Song taken from the album Zenith. Out September 25th 2015 on Dark Skies Association and Night School Records. Video by Chris Filippini and Molly Nilsson. Lyrics: Windows 95, you're long gone but I'm still alive I've gone so far, not even knowing how I suppose the world is so much smaller now The plans that you made, when you still had the time I've saved all the things that you left behind but by now I guess I'd consider them all mine Windows 95, is only a metaphor for what I feel inside Although I'm older now, there's still an emptiness that's never letting go somehow Have you ever walked into what seemed, to be somebody else's dream? And though the time won't let you pass, it keeps you looking through the glass 1995, they call the year the future was to arrive But back in '95 we thought we were standing on the threshold to the end of time (And we still do) So what's wrong with living in the past? It just happens to be the place I saw you last And what's wrong with living in a dream? That one day the echo answers, deep inside of me I'll remember 1995 I'll remember 1995 All rights reserved. © DARK SKIES ASSOCIATION 2015

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