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Tweet this video! - Generally speaking a massacre would be any incident where one group is killed by another and the perpetrating group has total control of power. There is no clear cut definition, however, that would allow us to classify something as a "massacre," so we can only rely on collective assessment of the situation and how the circumstances align with given ideas of acceptable use of force. In other words, if most people would agree that it was a massacre, then it meets our criteria. On a side note, this list shows the worst side of humanity. Proceed at your own discretion. Here are the 25 most horrific massacres in history. Check out the text version too! - Here's a preview: Massacre of Thessalonica Granada Massacre Massacre of the Latins Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre Bolton Massacre Yangzhou Massacre September Massacres Massacre of Elphinstone's Army Batak Massacre Hamidian Massacres Bud Dajo Massacre Adana Massacre Nanking Massacre Katyn Massacre Massacre of the Prisoners Babi Yar Massacre Odessa Massacre Massacres of Poles in Volhynia Wola Massacre The 228 Incident Jeju Uprising Bodo League Massacre Hue Massacre Hama Massacre Sabra and Shatila Massacre

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