Aqua on MuchMusic (Electric Circus) December 1997
Aqua perform Lollipop (Candyman) and Barbie Girl on MuchMusic's Electric Circus, December 1997. Also includes questions from fans and interview with Juliette Powell. Lollipop comes in at 0:01...
Foo Fighters @ Much Music (1997)
07/08/97 - Chumcity Building (MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive), Toronto, Canada 02:20 Monkey Wrench 06:20 Alone + Easy Target 10:55 Hey, Johnny Park! 15:20 Everlong 23:15 Interview 40:55...
Best of Erica Ehm on Much Music
Talented Erica Ehm had a long career as a VJ for Much Music Toronto in the 80's & 90's.
Silverchair - Live Muchmusic 97' [Full Show]
Setlist: 01. Slave 02. Leave Me Out 03. Abuse Me 04. Cemetery 05. Tomorrow 06. Freak 07. Madman 08. The Door 09. Suicidal Dream 10. Roses 11. Faultline 12. No Association 13....
Electric Circus Mix Much Music Dec.1999 EC Mix
Yes from an old VHS tape.
Rapidfax (Muchmusic) - 2002
The Tragically Hip - 2000-06-24 - Much Music Intimate & Interactive
Putting Down Freak Turbulence My Music at Work Escape Is at Hand for the Travellin' Man Tiger the Lion Something On Stay Fireworks Cordelia Bobcaygeon The Completists Lake Fever.
MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive With Joni Mitchell
Joni appears on the Canadian TV show, Intimate & Interactive, recorded live at MuchMusic TV Studios by MuchMusic TV, on September 23, 1994. Host Denise Donlon interviews Joni between tracks....
Bon Jovi - Much Music Special (Toronto 1992)
Very interesting special which aired shortly befored the release of the Keep The Faith record.
Much Music Launch 1984
This channel was launched in Canada on August 31st, 1984. The video came from Videotorn in the Montreal area. There is also a look at the Teleguide.