Best of Erica Ehm on Much Music
Talented Erica Ehm had a long career as a VJ for Much Music Toronto in the 80's & 90's.
Muchmusic 86' Flashback Special (1/2) +ads
everything is from 1986.
Rapidfax (Muchmusic) - 2002
Aqua on MuchMusic (Electric Circus) December 1997
Aqua perform Lollipop (Candyman) and Barbie Girl on MuchMusic's Electric Circus, December 1997. Also includes questions from fans and interview with ...
Much Music Launch 1984
This channel was launched in Canada on August 31st, 1984. The video came from Videotorn in the Montreal area. There is also a look at the Teleguide.
Electric Circus Mix Much Music Dec.1999 EC Mix
Yes from an old VHS tape.
Lady Gaga Much Music Awards 2009
CityLimits on Muchmusic (1992)
Smashing Pumpkins LIVE Much Music 1998 _Complete show
Smashing Pumpkins performed in Much Music parking lot in July 1998. I was watching from the street.
Christina Aguilera - Interview (MuchMusic 2000)