musafir hasina super hit

Director:Raj Khosla Producer:Sasadhar Mukherjee Music:O. P. Nayyar Main Cast:Sadhana, Joy Mukherjee, Dhumal, Jagdish Raj... more Genre:Social Banner:Filmalaya Pvt. Ltd. Synopsis : This evergreen musical film is the story of late ajay mehra (joy mukherjee) who goes on a secret mission to Kashmir to counter Kashmir rebels right after independence. While counting them he is injured due to a bomb blast. Meanwhile a young girl asha (sadhana) having from a poor family is forced to free for her our own safety following an attach on her house by Kashmir rebels just as she was about to get named she changes her cloth and just goes out on the sheet like any ordinary person while following she comes across ajay who is injured she nurses him back to health over a period of time and he starts following in love with her he suffer from amnesia and can not remember any thing that has happened to him the past. She tells him that their paths are different and it so root possible for her. However she also follows in love with him on a period of time. She takes ajay Srinagar to get treatment at a hospital where it is confirmed he does not remember anything. Ajay says that he would go to Mumbai and visit continental tailor as they would be able to say his name, his address etc. After reaching Mumbai, ajay finds that continental tailor so larger exist, but instead a whole exist there known as continental hotel. After coming out of that place, he sees bank robbers fleeming after robbing a bank. He tries to stop them and his hit by their car. In the process he recognised the robbers, who incidently are the management of continental hotel, including the manager. Ajay is taken to a hospital where his brother comes to meet him. It seen that while a part of his memory has come back, ajay has completely forgotten about what took place in the past six months. He is taken home by his brother. In the meantime, the robbers also decide to finish off Ajay as he recognises them. They send a group members' wife to ajay's house who goes there and claims to be his wife. She (Asha) also lands up at ajay's place, but ajay fails to recognise her. The police keep a strong watch on both this womens so they suspend them to be group members of the robbers. For this person police have two of their men in ajay's house in the guest of servant's. There is a case in court where ajay fails to recognise asha, but recognises the other lady as his wife. The robber's constantly find ways to bump of ajay, but are unsuccessful as ajay comes to know about their plans. The police along with ajay think of a concrete plan in the form of show at on auditorium where they are seen the robbers will take him up as the entire world knows that ajay is dead, having been bumped of by his fake wife on a boat. The robbers do turn up and their is a confrontaken between them and the police and ajay in which ajay again losses consciousness after getting injured, but regains his full memory and remembers everything. The robbers are caught and ajay and asha are united, the film ends on a happy note.

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