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Top 10 weird and funny musical instruments
Check this out! Top 10 weird, funny and odd musical instruments. Have fun!
✪ TOP5: NEW MUSICAL Instruments You NEED TO SEE #2
Check out our latest picks of Top 5 Awesome NEW MUSIC Instruments. Let us know in the comments which of these new inventions you find useful and which simply blow your mind. These are the...
Mann Guitar Vintage Japan Musical Gear
Please watch: "Gooched Stratocaster Gets Some Love" --~-- Kind of a cool Japan guitar late 60's early 70's is my guess.
Musical gear: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12, AirTurn BT-105, MobileSheets Pro
A review of a gear I use for my piano playing: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12 (SM-P900) - tablet AirTurn BT-105 - bluetooth wireless pedal MobileSheets Pro - software for Android.
Flying With Musical Instruments: Tech Time 005
Taking your musical instruments on the plane is no problem! How to travel with your Eurorack or other instrument.
Why California's Musical Road Sounds Terrible
In Lancaster, California, there's a musical road. When you drive over it, it plays the William Tell Overture. Unfortunately, it's out of tune. Here's why. Thanks to David Simmons-Duffin, who...
Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
Get the audio track "Marble Machine" by Wintergatan: Marble Machine built and composed by Martin Molin Video filmed and edited by Hannes...
Video of my musical gear
People have been asking what equipment I use so I thought I'd break it down systematically! The gear featured in this video is: Jackson DK-2 Vester Maniac Marshall JCM900 Marshall...
My Musical Gear (NSFW -some vulgarity)
Here we have my rousing, and hopefully informative tour of my current musical set-up. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably only watch half of it! However, if you watch the whole thing...
5 Innovative Musical Instruments You Never Knew Existed Part 1 ► Product Design and Ideas ◄
5 Innovative Musical Instruments You Never Knew Existed Part 1 Links in the Description [Show More] 1. Artiphon Instrument I - US Link ▻ UK Link ▻