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Siberian, in Russia, stretches west to east from the Ural Mountains to the North pacific ocean, and from north to south from the Ural Mountains to Mongolia. That's 3500 miles by 2100 miles. It covers 10% of the earth’s land mass and is completely covered by snow from November through to February. Although large parts of Siberia are populated by humans, there is a huge radius which remains desolate. Obviously, a large chunk of land, which is rarely visited over thousands or even millions of years, must yield some interesting long lost artefacts or remains. Here are five amazing Siberian finds. - - - - - - - I appreciate all the support I get from my subscribers through sharing, comments and likes. If you’d like to further support me, there are two ways. Either through PayPal or Patreon: PayPal: Patreon:

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