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Hey guys! It's finally here! Our wedding video for our Bengali and American Fusion Wedding! We had our nikkah several months prior to this event and wanted to pay respect to both of our cultural traditions for this wedding. We were so lucky to have such an incredible officiant who focused on love and two families coming together and allowed us to experience an American style ceremony so beautifully. This wedding celebration was more than just a celebration of two people coming together. For us, it was also a reminder of the power that open hearts can have. When you are open to things that are different, the world around you will change and expand and appear that much more beautiful. Our families coming together reminded us that love can always bring people together, no matter how different they may be. We may come from different backgrounds but we come together for a common interest, which is love and understanding. For a long time, I wanted to keep this video to myself and enjoy it privately with my loved ones. The decision to make it public came after seeing the pain and misunderstanding that is all around us. With the news sharing so many tragedies and intolerance spreading everywhere, it's important to remember how powerful we can be when we come together. It's important for me to show just how much our lives changed when we expanded it to include each other. It was important for me to share this to remind people that different isn't bad, and being open to understanding differences can lead to some pretty amazing things. In our case, it was this wedding. It wasn't easy getting to this point. We fought long and hard for acceptance. It was definitely a culture shock for both families but what continues to amaze me to this day, is how our perseverance led us to this day. We never stopped fighting for our love and when I tell you love always wins, trust me, I mean it. Love always wins. The power of our love softened my parents hearts and allowed them to embrace us fully and happily. His family accepted us and continued to make an active effort in trying new things that may have initially seemed weird or strange, but they did it, for love. Love has that power. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our special day. As we approach our 1 year Wedding anniversary, we look back at this day with so much gratitude. We have come so far in our relationship and we know this is merely the beginning. We cannot thank you guys enough for supporting us, being patient with us and always encouraging us to live authentically and freely in our truth. There are so many people who helped make this day special and memorable. Without our videographers, Anna + Mateo, this video would not exist and we would not have such amazing wedding footage and photos. Please check them out, as they are always down to travel and will undoubtedly make your wedding day that much more special: Please follow them on Instagram and let them know your thoughts on this video! It would mean the world to me and they should know just how much it means to our big family! Follow them here: The lovely designer who designed my desi wedding dresses and bridesmaid sarees started off as a subscriber and grew to become a dear friend. Sushma Reddy Couture is unbelievable, breathtaking and affordable. I cannot recommend her enough. She made all of my wedding dreams come true. Check her out here: Sending you guys so much love. Hoping our love story can give some of you hope in your fight towards acceptance and tolerance. You'll get there. Love always wins. XOXO -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check out my newest video: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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