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NASA has released amazing new detailed images from Juno of the gas giant Jupiter. As well as the sounds of plasma from the planet as well. More videos from Of Sound Mind And Body: Incredible Greek Style Statue Found On Mars? Huge Disc Shaped UFO Watching The Apollo 15 Astronauts. Small UFO Seen Near The International Space Station. A Train And It's Station Found On Mars!!! Skeleton Of Alien Humanoid Found On Mars? Amazing NASA Photos. (Episode 4) Stonehenge On Mars Similar Structures Found On The Red Planet. An Ancient City Found Buried In The Pacific Ocean. Two Prominence's Unraveling On The Sun UFO's Harnessing Energy From Storms Over Earth During STS Missions. Amazing NASA Photos. Episode 3. Crazy Photos Of Mars You Won't Believe. -Part 2- Huge Triangular Shaped Object Found On The Moon In Apollo 8 Photo. Was It A UFO? Amazing NASA Photos. Episode 2. Destroyed Structure With Strange Designs Found In A Photo Of Mars? The Sun's Shifting Plasma In All It's Glory. Pipeline Discovered On Mars By Curiosity Rover? Awesome Sounds Recorded By Cassini As It Crossed Saturn's Planet Ring Gap. Many Possible Moon Bases And Anomalies Found On The Moon. Alien Machine Or Creature Seen By Mars Curiosity Rover? Disc Shaped UFO Seen Flying Over Volcano Popocatepetl. Cassini's Frist Dive Between Saturn And It's Rings. UFO's Seen Flying Over Stillwater Oklahoma During Live Weather Report. A Crashed UFO Found In Antarctica? Several UFOs Pass In Front Of The International Space Station On April 23rd. Destroyed Alien Building Or Bunker Found On Mars? Huge 17000 ft USO Found In The Pacific Ocean? Has an enormous 17,000 foot USO or UFO been found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Maple Leaf Sign Found In A Mars Curiosity Rover Image? The Week In NASA Photos. April 20th, 2017. 3 Alien Bases Discovered On The Moon? Strange Craft Flying In Front Of the Moon. UFO Or Something Else? 5 Strange NASA Photos You Won't Believe. NASA Releases An Amazing Photo Of Mars Sand Dunes. A UFO Seen Near Saturn's Moon Dione? Army Chief of Staff Tells Future Soldiers "We Will Be Facing Little Green Men". Ancient Screw Found That Dates Older Than The Dinosaurs. Alien Technology? A Strange Object Fired At Earth By The International Space Station? Absolutely Not!!! UFO Seen Flying On Mars Near The Opportunity Rover's Landing Site? UFO Photos From US Submarine In 1971 Leaked. Strange Tower In Area 51. Is It An Alien Communication Device? Giant Lakes And Forests Found On Mars By The Mars Global Surveyor. NASA Releases Footage Of Massive Solar Flares Fired From The Sun. UFO's Seen During International Space Station Docking In The 1990's. Giant 2 Headed Nephilim Mummy Discovered In Baltimore?

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