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Weird creatures and monsters always fascinate us. Even if it scares the heck out of us. The more bizarre, the better. Just like these sightings caught on camera. These creatures have been the subject of myths and legends and until now have not been proven to be 100 percent real. Let’s admit it, truth is stranger than fiction. Check out these mysterious creatures caught on camera. What do you think about these creatures? It's Real Or Fake? ►Subcribe to the Channel for More Videos: ► For copyright matters please contact me at: ► On this channel you will find dark, scary, mysterious, strange, or shocking stuff. I also do not want this channel to be only top 5's or only scary stories, that is why I will be mixing scary stories, horror countdowns, and will do some educational videos in between. ► Most music on my videos by "Myuuji" and Kevin MacLeod ( Our best videos so far: 1. Scariest Extreme Parkour Moments Caught on Tape: 2. 6 Horrifying Shark Attacks Caught on Tape: 3. Creepiest Things Found by Urban Explorers: 4. Shocking Moments Caught on Camera While Fishing: 5. 6 Scariest Ghost Encounters by Urban Explorers :

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