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Movie Name - Dirty Marriage (2014) ( English Subtitle)...Must Watch....... Synopsis - The film is based on sexual ignorance and confusions. In an open discussion.Dr. Vaishnav tells students regarding pornographic knowledge. He tells that due to improper guidance there are some myths in the sex. Dr. Vaishnav tells about the problems and he explains it with solutions through relevant stories. In first segment he tells about the illustrations of masturbation. Dr. Vaishnav tells that masturbation is a natural process of the body. This is not a disease. He explains it through the story of Balwant & Barkha. There was sadness in the life of Balwant . Another subject of early discharge was explained by Dr. Vaishnav through the case of Pawan and Priya. He tells that early discharge is also not a disease and in the story the lives of Pawan and Priya turned to happiness when they knew about it. Early discharge is a mental stage and its reason was to take much time in foreplay. And the last question was regarding Aids in which Deepak was affected with this disease.And it is told that although this disease is incurable. Deepak was sent to California for the treatment of this disease. Star Cast - Priyanka, Aayush Producer - Aayush Arts Written & Directed By - Priyanka Cameraman - S. Jahangir Subscribe us for top class bollywood movies

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