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Brandon & Andrea Nied wedding recap video [June 23rd, 2018]
My sister got married this weekend and I headed out to the event with my handy-dandy iPhone to film the night. Check out the video I put together from the ...
One Away: A Comedic Short
How far would you go to make the final sale of the night... if you were ONE sale away from the goal? The following is an inspiring, fake story based on nothing.
10 Things You Didn't Know About Nick Major
You may know our APTV correspondent Nick Major from his video work for APTV, interviews and zany antics on our Snapchat account (AltPress) this past ...
Stare: A Comedic Short
Two roommates engage in an intense, inspiring and semi-erotic staring contest. Who will keep their eyes open the longest and claim victory? Only God knows.
Warped Tour 2018 - recap video
Hello! I went to #WarpedTour with my iPhone and filmed. Check out the video I put together and give it a retweet if it got you excited for Warped this summer!
Tell Me When: A Comedic Short
How much cheese is too much cheese? Watch to find out. Be sure to give the video a "like" and a comment! Like what you see? Subscribe! Tell your friends to ...
Hot Minute: APTV's Nick Major
APTV correspondent Nick Major has many talents, but most impressive might be the ability to bend his thumb all the way back to the wrist. Wow – and ouch.
Interview: THE WORD ALIVE | Warped Tour 2016
APTV correspondent Nick Major sat down with The Word Alive's Telle Smith and Luke Holland to talk more about their history as individual artists and how ...
Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2016 with Nick Major
APTV correspondent Nick Major headed out to Stan Lee's LA Comic Con this past weekend at the LA Convention Center. While there he came across protestors ...
5 Reasons To Be Stoked For Taste Of Chaos | NICK MAJOR
APTV Correspondent Nick Major breaks down why Taste Of Chaos this year is going to be especially awesome in his second weekly vlog! Learn about all the ...