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Fishing with Underwater Lights
We join two friends on Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma) as they show us how to fish using underwater lights. Fishing at night gets them out of the summer heat and into schools of feeding crappie and...
Old 2103 Product Line Up (Promo-1) Night Fishing Under Green Lights
We have redesigned these kits. Make sure to check out our new 2014/2015 L.E.D. Product line up. Old Kit Specs: 13 feet of green 5050 L.E.D. lights 2.4 Amps 12 Volt 1500-1900 Lumens...
Green Light Night Fishing - Bait
Night fishing in Texas using a green florescent tube. Attracted tens of thousands of minnows and shad. They circled the boat in a 30 ft arch. Limited out on sand bass.
Sparky Submergible LED Night Fishing Light Product Review for Crappie, White Bass, Snook, etc.
This is a product review of the Sparky Submergible LED Night Fishing Light. It is great for drawing in Crappie, White Bass, Snook, Shrimp, etc. for a great night of after hours fishing!!...
Night fishing - Fishing with LED lights at night
Green light causes fishing frenzy! South Padre Island! 27 S
Threw in 24 green led (double shot) light made by Moonshine lights and created a feeding frenzy! We were at South Padre Island, TX on 27 Sep 2013...
Texas City Dike fishing (night fishing) GoPro Hero3+ 720p HD
Just a few nights of fishing with good friends. Generator and light are a must when night fishing at Texas City Dike. Use your lights to draw in bait fish in return draws in bigger fish....
Night Fishing Must Haves
Best lights I've found for night fishing and early morning fishing, GoBee GoLight Spotlight and Streamlight Spotlight. Please like, comment and subscribe!! Thank you for your support!!
How To Make A Led Fishing Light
This is a very cheap and easy to make DIY LED fishing light. This cost me about $10.00 to make took me about 20 minutes to make.
LED spot light diy for night fishing.