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INSANE Ice Fishing w/ Glow Lights at Night!!!
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Brightest Light Ever for Night Fishing
This might possibly be the brightest light ever used for bass fishing at night. I love to fish at night in hottest days of summer because the fish more active in shallow water and hit your...
Night Crappie Fishing Video
Join Darr Colburn, Parker Colburn & Kirk Colburn as they fish for crappie at night under lights. For more great hunting and fishing videos go to the Jay Scott Outdoors YouTube channel at...
Night Fishing Must Haves
Best lights I've found for night fishing and early morning fishing, GoBee GoLight Spotlight and Streamlight Spotlight. Please like, comment and subscribe!! Thank you for your support!!
Fishing with Underwater Lights
We join two friends on Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma) as they show us how to fish using underwater lights. Fishing at night gets them out of the summer heat and into schools of feeding crappie and...
Night Crappie Fishing Video Under the Lights
Watch as the Colburn boys fish for crappie at night under the green lights. This is what crappie fishing at night is all about. If you like to crappie fish then you will like this video,...
How to catch crappie at night using a light, night time pan fishing tips
This week we hit the water at sundown and show you how to fish for crappie at night using a light. Had a lot of fun pulling some crappie out of the water, and even more fun eating them later.
Fishing with night lights in Arizona
a short video of the bait fish that come up at night on the lake and some bass eating them. cought 79 fish this night.
Blue DLX900 Drop Fishing light for night fishing
This is our Blue 900DLX drop fishing light available at
Fishing Snook Lights: Best Lures & Tactics For Catching Snook At Night
Want to catch more snook at the snook lights using artificial lures at night in Florida? Then check out some of these dock light fishing tips for snook from Capt. Justin Napior in the Naples/Marco...