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β™« Sugu Nightcore Radio 24/7 Live Stream, Ultimate Nightcore Music, Gaming Music Live, Sugu Music, #NightcoreRadio 2017, SongsRequest. Coins System. Playlist updated every week, by our viewers. πŸ†™ Hi guys!!!! I'm happy to see you here enjoy the stream!!! πŸ‘Ύ Official Discord Server You can find the best #Nightcore #Music styles on the stream #NightcoreRadio on #YouTube #SuguMusic, think of: rock versions, remixes and nightstep of different styles. The stream is being updated weekly by adding new songs suggested by viewers. ▢️ List of anime background πŸ“ ▢️ Cookies Win 5 cookies every 10 minutes in the stream. You can buy somethings in πŸͺ !cookies !weekuser !shop !rank βš–οΈ !shop Support the stream: ▢️ SongsRequest βœ”!Playlist Update 3/11/2017 βœ”!songrequest + song name (Request songs from the playlist) βœ”!song (Know the sound now playing) βœ”!previoussong (Know the previous sound) βœ”!queuelength (the length of the playback queue) πŸ“Suggest Song to the playlist πŸ•’ Song Cooldown 2100s User Cooldown 350s ▢️ Minigames βœ” !party 10 β†’ To make a party βœ” !flipcoin + NΒΊcookies what do you want to bet βœ” !startarena β†’ Only moderators can start it βœ” !rolldice ( Enter !rolldice "number between 1 and 6 here" e.g. !rolldice 6 ) ▢️Patreon Help keep the stream online!! ▢️ SuperChat Donations πŸ₯‡ Raging Phoenix 60$ πŸ₯ˆ Toxic Santa 50$ πŸ₯‰ justin robloxs&minecraft - 36,00$ πŸ₯‰ Cassandra Web - 14$ πŸ₯‰ Minotaur 10$ πŸ₯‰ RedOakley 4$ πŸ₯‰ Hell Cool - 2$ πŸ₯‰ Mr.TeamFortress 2$ ▢️ Chat Rules βœ” English only! βœ” No spam βœ” No advertising "Included mention other streams" βœ” No inappropriate roleplaying βœ” Respect everyone & mods βœ” No drama For the timeouts, 3 warnings next timeout. ▢️ Staff πŸ‘‘ Owner β˜† Sugu Music πŸ”ΉMods β˜† Toxic Viper !proud β˜† Toxic Santa !toxic β˜† Lulu Creepy Pasta !lulu β˜† Butter 707 !butter β˜† Kurona Ayame !ayame β˜† Zen Pie πŸ‘Ύ Bot β˜† Kawaiibot β˜† Nightbot ▢️ Commands βœ” !Commands βœ” !rules βœ” !@+name β†’ To try to summon a member. βœ” !staff call a moderator βœ” !Cookies !me !rank βœ” !kawaii !hentaii !neko !harls !kiss (!hug + name) βœ” !give [channelid] [cookies] Use the commands for what they are made. ▢️ SocialNetworks β†’ Discord β†’ Twitch: β†’ FacebookPage β†’ Instagram β†’ Twitter β†’ Google+ β†’ Telegram Channel: β†’ Pinterest: β†’ Tumblr: ▢️ TeamSugu βœ” Magic Ferra βœ” Lulu Creepy Pasta βœ” Butter 707 βœ” Kurona ayame βœ” Colin McLean βœ” Pie Muppet βœ” NightcoreLounge βœ” RedOakley βœ” Mike David βœ” Nightcore Radio βœ” Jess ZeNekoKitteh βœ” Alpha Gamer βœ” Galaxy Nightcore βœ” NightcoreSuperiority βœ” Asriel Dreemurr βœ” SenpaiiKay βœ” Sally SwirlΒ΄s βœ” Ian Masters βœ” Ayaki βœ” Alex Chapman β˜… AMV Editor "NJustN" β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Rockstar | Post Malone feat. 21 Savage | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Havana (Remix) | Camila Cabello | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Mi Gente (Remix) | J Balvin | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - All Falls Down | Alan Walker ft Noah Cyrus | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Fight Back | NEFFEX | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Oblivion | TheFatRat Ft Lola | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Unforgettable Remix | French Montana Ft Swae Lee | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Sweet Dreams Remix | Eurythmics | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Monody REMIX | TheFatRat | Sugu Music β˜… β˜… Nightcore - Enjoy The Ride Remix | Krewella | Sugu Music β˜… You can find nightcore rock versions, nightstep songs, nightcore remix, gaming music.. You can also find different Nightcore versions of the songs: Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee - Despacito ft. Justin Bieber David Guetta ft Justin Bieber - 2U Eurythmics Sweet Dreams 89ers Go go go Katie Sky - Monsters Ed Sheeran - Shape of You Fall Out Boy - Centuries Alan Walker - Faded Nightcore Reality Imagine Dragons - Warriors and more!! Music for lol nightcore, roleplay livestream, rp live. πŸ“ž IMPORTANT If any artist or label has copyright issues with the live stream (including artists of the images used), please send an e-mail ( and I will remove it. βŒ›οΈ Permanent link: πŸ“§ Feedback: πŸ‘Ύ Discord: Sugu#2480

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