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Thanks for watching! A couple of things - if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do. I regularly upload wedding films and other vids here. Second and more importantly, please do check the video production services we offer for weddings, events and commercial work. Check the website - or email me at Right Time - Words and Music by Johnoy Danao Arranged by Ronald Tomas A few months back, I kindly asked Mr. Johnoy Danao to write a song for Nikki and Bj. It was my first time to attempt this, but Johnoy is a professional, the process was surprisingly smooth and quite enjoyable. The lyrics came first, after a brief discussion through email. Then shortly after, an acoustic demo was sent. I was blown away. It was exactly what I wanted though I had no real tangible idea of what I wanted. But it was perfect in every way. Especially when the final arrangement was finished. Perfect - just like the wedding of Nikki and BJ. Perfect - just like their love. Right Time Pains of the past Makes for a guarded heart But he saw her light And walked right in It felt familiar, felt like home With a broom in his hand She swept her off her feet Lonely days and nights Have long been gone What once was lost Has now been found Like the stars to the dreamers Like the sea to the shore With a hand to hold The future has been told And she said It's the right time To fall in love again It's the right time To be loved again It's the right time To feel this way again It's the right time Once in a while We meet someone who'll stay And lifts us up To heights we never knew We share the saddest of sorrows And never feel alone Ever again So we say It's the right time To say yes to this It's the right time To give in to this bliss It's the right time It's never late Hearts won't break Time won't fade a love like this

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