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Hey my loves I hope you're all enjoying this cozy time of the year, which btw OMG is over soon, like 2017 is right around the corner. If you follow me on snapchat you have seen the whole journey and big THANKS to everyone sending me prayers and wishes. This is a big step in my life that just had to be done I've wanted it all my life and I feel so much more confident already. As you can tell in the video my nose is still very very uneven that is just because I am still healing, and rhinoplasties takes up to a year to heal, crazy IKR?? My nose shape looks so different every single day but so far I couldn't be more happy. Special thanks to Mohammed Mahmood for his amazing job (no sponsor btw) Faruk medical City Don't hesitate to ask me anything. Social medias: Tumblr: Email: Snapchat: didiwigga Soundcloud:

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