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Hello, my sweet goat, I am not Indian. ☛ subscribe: (click for more) I was born and raised in Canada. I'm not Indian. —— PODCAST: ☛ soundcloud: —— SWEET DEALS: ☛ - daily indie game deals: —— SUPPORT ME: ☛ donate: ☛ sponsor: ☛ wishlist: —— JOIN MY COMMUNITIES: ☛ discord: ☛ twitter: ☛ instagram: ☛ facebook: ☛ other social media (e.g. snapchat): mrbuntyking ☛ twitch: ☛ biz email: namaste at buntyking dot com ☛ p.o. box: COMING SOON —— REFERENCES: N/A —— VIDEOS USED: N/A —— TITLE SONG: N/A —— TRANSCRIPT: N/A

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