Day[9] just being Day[9]
This is a day of being Day[9] - Check him out and be a better gamer!
Nualrorann plays: Hearthstone - 3rd Golden Hero! (Mage)
Mage was always my favorite class but I was never able to get the cards I wanted to play it competitively but in the last few months I really kicked up my gameplay and was able to craft the...
Ano Natsu de Matteru Ending TV Size BD 720P
Nualrorann plays Heroes of Newerth
1600-1700 HoN MM gameplay. Enjoy :)
Nualrorann plays: Hearthstone - 2nd Golden hero! (Paladin)
I already have Warlock and now I've got the Paladin hero to 500 wins!
Nualrorann VS. Terran bio Dimond gameplay part 1/2
Watch me as a deal with heavy bio mass terran. This video was converted with a tool at !
How to troll in Diablo 3
Me and some friends try to fake a free giveaway and make some noobs look for loot and have a laugh attack.
World of Warcraft Arena Tournament Global Finals 2009 Blizzcon TSG vs. Shipit
Frapsed live form blizzcon live stream enjoy ignore skips since i had to make video 10 long.
Mythbuster presentation
Nualrorann plays: Aion - Ranger lvl 34 dps
this is a video on my ranger on Aion and it's dps at my current level. I know it's pretty garbage but I wanted to see it for myself. Enjoy.