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Child Abandonment is a crime. This public service announcement is brought to you by Hands Off Our Children, a 501C(3) Non-profit organization with a main mission to raise awareness, implement tougher punishments on convicted pedophiles and provide resources to victims of sexual child abuse. Their vision is to see a community where children are regarded as first class citizens where they share equal, respectful rights and can feel safe, not sometimes, but all of the time. Once a week, you may listen live to new episodes of The Hands Off Our Children Radio Show by going to or downloading them from iTunes! Cogee, Founder and President of Hands Off Our Children, is an established talk show radio personality. After a year of dedicating one 3-hr show a month to the topic of child-abuse awareness on Cogee's weekly talk show, Conversations With Cogee, The Hands Off Our Children Show premiered in January of 2012, featuring several high profile leaders and advocates of the movement. Some names include Ed Smart -President of the SPC(Surviving Parents Coalition), Linda Walker (SPC), Erin Runnion, Kevin "The Monster" Randleman (Former UFC Champion), Angela Rose (P.A.V.E),Vicki Kelly advocate/Co-Founder of the Tommy Foundation, Bob Hamer - former FBI agent and author of "The Last Undercover". Each week Cogee, along with co-hosts Miss Peaches and Elsa, discuss current up-to-date news involving sexual child abuse, jaw-dropping testimonies from individuals who have survived abuse, along with several eye-opening tips from law enforcement, activists, lawyers, teachers, and much much more! The Hands Off Our Children Show needs the community's support to keep it running! 1,000,000 likes can save 1 MILLION children. Join the movement. Go to and follow on twitter @HandsOffOC

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