orthopedic technician

Interview - Orthopedic Technologist (Jim Carragher)
An interview with a real-life orthopedic technologist about what it's like.
Orthopedic splint demonstration
Fred Croce, Cast Technician at GO Ortho, explains what goes into a simple splint application. GO Ortho operates like an urgent care facility but specifically for orthopedic issues such as...
Orthopedic Technician Program
My Job: Cast Technician
Kids (and adults) break bones – a lot. So the people who put casts on and take them off will always be busy. Angel talks about the fun, fast-paced work environment that you'll find in a...
Saskatoon Health Region - Orthopedic Technologists
http://www.SaskatoonHealthRegion.ca; Orthopedic Technologists play an integral part in orthopedic services in Saskatoon Health Region. See one of the techs apply a cast on the leg of a young...
Medical Orthopedic Technician interview questions
Interview Questions for Medical Orthopedic Technician.What are you doing if you worked as an Medical Orthopedic Technician?What makes your comforts about an Medical Orthopedic Technician position?H...
Behind the Scenes: How a cast is applied
Emergency Physician Dr. Arun Sayal, and Registered Orthopaedic Technologist Laura Cardona, take us behind the scenes to North York General Hospital's Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji Orthopaedic...
Orthotic Technician jobs
Orthopedic technician at work in slow motion
Filmed my father at work while he scraped a shoe insole.
veterinary orthopedic basics