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🚑 If you would like to support us and engage more with us then please join our Patreon: Another day in the cast room. A female patient arrives with a broken leg which is treated with a straight long leg cast. Since this is her first cast, the cast room staff show here how to walk with crutches. After she is comfortable with them they guide her out of the clinic to the stairwell. She masters the challenge of going down the stairs quite well, until she waves good-bye to the staff - which has dramatic consequences: her crutch slips and the nurses can only watch her falling down the stairs in horror. They immediately rush to her as she seems to be in a lot of pain. The X-rays confirm that she has broken her other leg and her hip, too, which can only be treated by a double hip spica. They apply the fiber hip spica and add two bars for stability secured with plaster cast. The patient is transfered to her bed and the straight leg is put into traction. While laying down she explores here huge cast, knocks and taps on it with here long fingernails. After her cast has dried, she is transfered to a wheelchair and rolls around in the room. She tries to get out of the room, but then she discovers that she won't fit through the door with her huge cast. It seems she has to spend the coming weeks with in the room. (Disclaimer: Any injuries in videos are not real. They are all just staged for story purpose)

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